The idea behind KSPtabs

Behind every great solution is an idea. KSPtabs were formulated to provide a natural solution to promote kidney health. One of the main problems affecting kidney health is stones. 1 in 10 adults have stones and they can often be an uncomfortable and extremely painful experience. In order to help patients with this problem Michael Trotter, M.D., resolved to find a simple solution.

It’s all about hydration

KSPtabs promote regular hydration while keeping your kidneys replenished with natural stone inhibitors. The effervescent tablets can easily be added to your water intake and are available in two delicious flavors.  Each KSPtab has the following key minerals and ingredients:

Potassium Citrate
Sodium Bicarbonate
Avocado Oil

Motivation for a Solution

Michael Trotter, M.D., began his journey to find the ideal kidney health supplement while sitting by the lake on a hot summer day. A group of his close friends and loved ones expressed the need for a simple solution for their painful kidney stones.

“You need to make this easy for me, what can you give me that I can easily do to reduce my risk of forming kidney stones?”

That was all it took. After that day, Dr. Trotter knew he had to find an answer, and he did. He worked diligently to form the perfect effervescent tablet that would not only provide consumers with the needed minerals to reduce the risk of stones but also encourage much needed regular hydration with a refreshing taste.

While it was developed to combat kidney stones, they are equally important for those with an active lifestyle.  The electrolytes in each KSPtab are essential to muscle recovery, managing lactic acid, and staying hydrated.

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