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No more Pills!

Pills are difficult to swallow and don’t provide the needed hydration to flush your kidneys and alkalinize your urine.

Lower your chances for calcium oxalate stones with just two tablets per day. An easy solution to a painful problem! Get started today to protect your kidneys.

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Urologists across America recommend KSPtabs to their patients for kidney stones.

“Finally a product that delivers hydration, stone inhibitors and patient compliance in one small package.” – Michael Trotter, M.D.

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KSPtabs were developed to protect and support kidney health.

Each KSPtabs helps optimize urine pH balance and support your kidneys. KSPtabs are packed with Potassium, Citrate, Magnesium, and B6. Gluten-free, all-natural, and vegan-friendly.

When used as directed, KSPtabs can improve four major factors affecting stone formation. Download your eBook now to learn about kidney stones, KSPtabs, and your list of high oxalate foods.

Independent studies show KSPtabs as a leader in alkalinizing agents that helps increase urine citrate and raise urine pH levels to help combat kidney stones.

Will Lemons Solve Your Kidney Stone Problem?


As a Urologist, I have encouraged stone prevention techniques with fluid intake and diet for years. I would often mention that I found those recommendations difficult myself especially in increasing fluid intake with water alone. Then it happened: I developed my first stone and it was agonizing. After that episode I resolved to try to avoid a future stone at all risks.
I knew Dr Trotter well and had read the research on the use of KSP tablets. I began to use KSP myself daily and have not had a recurrent stone so far. KSP tablets have the ingredients to lower stone risk significantly. I found that using these with the incredible taste and the “bubbly” effervescence of the tablets allowed me to drink more water. I actually look forward to drinking these every day.
I recommend these to my patients and will use these myself to lower my risk of future stones.

- Frank (Trey) Moore III MD View More Testimonials


“I’ve been using KSPtabs regularly and no stones for five years. They have a good flavor and I can drink them on the way to work. It makes you feel a lot better when you’re using them.”

- Jeff View More Testimonials


“Thank you KSPtabs! My favorite thing about the KSPtabs is they add flavor to an otherwise boring water. My main reason for using the tabs was to help prevent kidney stone growth and I’ve told my friends and family that they need to try it.”

- Hollie View More Testimonials


“KSPtabs keep me hydrated and I feel great!  After years and years of kidney stones, it’s been over six years with no new ones!  It’s the easiest thing to do for kidney health and my workout recovery is so much better now.”

Read more about Kent’s journey here!

- Kent View More Testimonials


“Being properly hydrated and replacing electrolytes is essential to fitness training.  KSPtabs give me and the clients I train the hydration they need to perform better and longer.  Drink them before and after every workout and you’ll notice the difference!”

- Esik of Viking Ninja Training View More Testimonials

Three Flavors to Choose From

Water alone won’t provide the needed minerals to combat stones. KSPtabs lightly flavor your water with an effervescent taste while delivering natural stone inhibitors. With a 75% chance of recurrence, get started today with a no-risk trial pack.
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