KSPtabs were developed to protect and support kidney health.

KSPtabs are dissolvable effervescent tablets that provide the needed minerals to optimize urine pH balance and support your kidneys. We believe your kidney health doesn’t have to be set in stone—you can start making a change today.

KSPtabs are packed with Potassium, Citrate, Magnesium, and B6.  Gluten free, all natural, and vegan-friendly.

One of the primary issues with citrate, magnesium, and B6 is that they are not stored readily in the body. Therefore, the only way to maintain higher levels is to consume them on a routine basis throughout the day.

Because you combine our proprietary blend of these essential nutrients with good ol’ H2O, it is the ideal way for your body to keep your kidneys healthy and protected. Think of it as a preventive and flavorful hydration solution.

Read our clinical study on how taking KSPtabs as directed can improve four major factors affecting stone formation.

Take a natural, proactive approach to hydration with KSPtabs.


    Developed by urologists and nutrition experts to optimize kidney health.


    KSPtabs contain a blend of plant-based and gluten-free vitamins and minerals.


    Helps reduce stone-forming substances and maintain a healthy electrolyte balance.


    Avoid muscle fatigue, avoid lactic acid buildup, and avoid future kidney stones.


    KSPtabs are available to purchase at many local pharmacies and gyms, as well as online.


“I’ve been using KSPtabs regularly and no stones for five years. They have a good flavor and I can drink them on the way to work. It makes you feel a lot better when you’re using them.”

- Jeff View More Testimonials


“Thank you KSPtabs! My favorite thing about the KSPtabs is they add flavor to an otherwise boring water. My main reason for using the tabs was to help prevent kidney stone growth and I’ve told my friends and family that they need to try it.”

- Hollie View More Testimonials


“KSPtabs keep me hydrated and I feel great!  After years and years of kidney stones, it’s been over six years with no new ones!  It’s the easiest thing to do for kidney health and my workout recovery is so much better now.”

- Kent View More Testimonials


“Being properly hydrated and replacing electrolytes is essential to fitness training.  KSPtabs give me and the clients I train the hydration they need to perform better and longer.  Drink them before and after every workout and you’ll notice the difference!”

- Esik of Viking Ninja Training View More Testimonials