KSPtabs Have Made a Difference

 Why I believe in KSPtabs

Just after my first daughter was born I awoke to an unfamiliar sensation, quickly escalating to an excruciating pain I’d never experienced. One month to the date of her birth, I found myself back in the ER passing a kidney stone, the male equivalent of labor I was told.

Unfortunately, that was the first of many trips to the ER for kidney stones. I passed a stone at least once every other year, underwent two ureteroscopies, and finally shock-wave lithotripsy.

After my first incident, I felt desperate to find a solution, anything to avoid repeating that level of pain and mounting medical bills. My doctor recommended that I increase my daily water consumption, reduce food high in oxalates, and take four (giant-sized) citrate pills. While I went five years without any chocolate, none of these suggestions were a realistic regimen for me. 

Frustrated that my efforts weren’t eliminating the stones, I felt willing to try anything. After my lithotripsy surgery four years ago, my urologist, Dr. Trotter, told me about a supplement he was developing called KSPtabs—and I was ecstatic to give them a try. 

No more horse pills, or restrictive diets, just KSPtabs. They had me drinking my recommended daily water intake, and in no time and enjoying a stone-free life. From home, to work, and on the go, I quickly became regimented in keeping a supply on hand, taking my daily dose regularly.

Fast-forward to ten years later, and I haven’t passed a stone or had any kidney issues since starting KSPtabs. I can honestly say KSPtabs have changed my life and I want to do my part to help others at risk enjoy a stone-free life along with me!  


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