12 Tips for Staying Healthy & Hydrated During the Holidays!

Staying healthy during the holidays can be a challenge!  Even though it is a time of joy and celebration, we sometimes find ourselves out of our normal daily routines and indulging in activities that can take a toll on our health.  Prioritizing self-care, maintaining physical well-being and managing stress can really make a huge difference during this season!

Most of us are aware of what we need to do to stay healthy, but a little nudge never hurts!  The KSP team put together the following tips to help optimize your hydration and keep you heathy this holiday season!

TIP 1 – Start your day with H2O

Starting your day with water ramps up your hydration from the minute you wake up!  According to an article in Medical News Today, starting your day off with a glass of water can result in many benefits:

  • Aiding in Weight loss
  • Enhancing Mental Performance
  • Boosting mood
  • Improvement of your skin, kidney, urinary tract and cardiovascular health

Tip 2 – Limit Caffeine and Alcohol

Both caffeine and alcohol can contribute to dehydration. If you are consuming beverages with these substances, balance them with additional water intake.  One good rule of thumb at parties and celebrations is to alternate water between alcoholic beverages.  If you enjoy coffee or hot tea in the morning try decaffeinated options or try one of our KSP hot recipes.  A KSP team favorite is just KSPtabs in hot/warm water!

Tip 3 – Monitor Your Urine Color

It might be embarrassing to say but take a look at your urine.  Aim for pale yellow color, which is a good indicator of proper hydration. Dark yellow or amber urine may suggest dehydration.  To learn more about the importance of hydration for your kidney health read our blog Hydration & Your Kidneys.


Tip 4 – Set Hydration Goals/Create a Hydration Challenge

Goals help you stay on track!  We recommend setting a daily water intake goal based on factors like your age, weight, and activity level. A good rule of thumb is to drink ½ your body weight in ounces each day.  For example if you are 150 pounds, strive for 75 fluid ounces of water per day! Aim to meet or exceed this goal, especially during the holidays.

Tip 5 – Hydrate Before, During, and After Exercise

If you’re engaging in physical activities or exercise during the holiday season, be sure to hydrate adequately before, during, and after the activity.  Proper hydration pre and post workout will help you get the most out of your efforts and keep you healthy.  To learn more read our blog on Athletic Hydration and Your Kidneys.

Tip 6 – Eat Hydrating Foods

Many fruits and vegetables have high water content. Incorporate hydrating foods into your holiday meals, such as watermelon, cucumber, oranges, and celery. To learn more about foods the enhance your hydration read the following article from Real Simple Magazine.

Tip 7 – Carry a Water Bottle

Keep a reusable water bottle with you to make it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day, whether you’re at home , in the car, or attending holiday gatherings.  KSP team favorites are the Yeti Rambler or the Stanley Tumbler.

Tip 8 – Set Reminders

Use phone alerts or other reminders to prompt you to drink water regularly. It’s easy to forget to hydrate, especially during this busy time of the year!

Tip 9 – Pay Attention to Thirst

Listen to your body’s signals. If you feel thirsty, it’s a sign that you need to drink more fluids.

Tip 10 – Infuse Water with Flavor

Adding flavor to your water makes it much more fun and interesting to drink.  Adding lemons, cucumbers, mint, basil, etc., truly takes you water to the next level.  For some ideas on what to add to your water see our blog, Pairing KSPtabs with Fruits.

Tip 11 – Limit Sugary Drinks

Reduce the consumption of sugary beverages, as they can contribute to dehydration and excessive calorie intake.  A 2016 study published by the NIH, found that sugary soft-drink like beverages actually worsen dehydration and can cause kidney injury.

Tip 12 – Add electrolytes to your water

This is where KSP shines!  Our tabs add the essential electrolytes (magnesium, B6 and potassium citrate) to your water.  They taste great and are easy to travel with.  Simply break a tab and add it to any glass of water and that is it you are done!  During the holidays we recommend 2-3 tabs daily for optimal hydration and kidney support.   To learn more about KSP and the multiple benefits of our tabs click here. If you would like to give KSP a try, we suggest our trial pack.

The KSP team wishes everyone a happy holiday season!