Athletic Hydration and Your Kidneys!

Golf, tennis, running, yoga, boxing, cross-fit – Whatever you do that makes you an athlete make sure to stay hydrated to optimize your performance and health!

Hydration and Your Kidneys

Hydration is key to staying healthy while working out.  But why?  To answer this question, it’s helpful to understand the overall function of the kidneys—one of your body’s most essential organs. Kidneys operate as a filtration system for your body. Together your kidneys clean around 135 quarts of blood per day, which is the equivalent of two full tanks of gas!  Blood is filtered through your kidneys via millions of microscopic units called nephrons. The excess fluid and waste from your kidneys creates around two quarts of urine each day.  If you are dehydrated, urine output decreases and the stress on your kidneys actually increases as they try to preserve fluid.

Check your Urine Color

There is a simple way to check your hydration status, by merely looking at the color of your urine.   University of Texas Coach Tom Herman uses a graphic for his athletes to help them determine their hydration status.  The lighter the athlete’s urine, the more hydrated they are.  Coach Herman knows one of the keys to athletic performance is good hydration!  Looking at your urine color may seem odd, but truly is valuable information that can keep you performing your best!


Maintain Neutral pH

Another critical role of the kidneys is controlling our body’s pH levels, which measures the overall acidity in your body. High acidity is typically bad, while lower acidity (more neutral pH), or alkaline, is good. Lactic acid tends to build up in our bodies during exercise, especially in strenuous workout situations.  The body manages lactic acid by creating sweat, breathing hard, and more importantly by eliminating it through our kidneys. Two of the key components to KSPtabs are citrate and bicarbonate. Both are potent minerals proven to help manage the acid build up by helping to alkalinize our urine. Reducing lactic acid can help with inflammation, muscle soreness, kidney stones (dehydration is believed to be one of the causes of kidney stones), and many other issues.

Our bodies will also extract minerals from our food, tissues, and bones to balance the pH levels!  This can lead to lower muscle mass and thinner bones.  Adding appropriate electrolytes and minerals, such as those found in KSPtabs, can help balance your pH naturally.  KSPtabs were developed to aid in kidney stone prevention, but are a perfect hydration product for athletes and individuals on keto diets.

Why KSPtabs

KSPtabs quickly dissolve in your favorite beverage. One of the most unique qualities of KSPtabs is that they combine electrolytes with pH balancing minerals to create of dual benefit with the same product.  Additionally, drinking large quantities of water without any flavor can be tedious, monotonous and create a bloated feeling.

Hydrate smarter and optimize your workouts with KSPtabs.

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