Will Lemons Solve Your Kidney Stone Problem?

When it comes to kidney stones, the most popular solution for prevention is to add lemons to your water. While this may seem like a simple solution, if you check the research, it may not be the best solution. Keep reading to find out whether or not lemons will solve your chronic kidney stones.    

Citrate vs. Citric Acid

While lemons are a good source of citric acid, they do not give you the benefits of citrate alone. Understanding the difference between citrate and citric acid is key!  Citrate is citric acid without a hydrogen ion.  This acid, while hard on your body and teeth, can help prevent stones from growing by attaching themselves to calcium and stopping crystal formation.  Oxalates are then prevented from attaching to calcium and flushed out of the body. Citrate cannot break down a calcium stone, which is what most stone patients produce.  However, if you have uric acid stones (10% of stoners), they can make a difference in reducing stone size. Citric acid does not alkalinize the urine like citrate because of this hydrogen ion. Maintaining a proper urine pH can help prevent crystals from forming in the first place.  If your urine is more acidic, you are keeping an environment ripe for crystals (future stones) to form.

How much is too much?

Squeezing a couple of lemon wedges in your water a day is not going to prevent kidney stones, nor will it hurt you. However, if you consume four ounces per day, which is the recommended amount, it may take a toll on your body. The acid in lemons can erode the enamel on your teeth, and once it is damaged, it’s tough to rebuild. Too many lemons can also worsen stomach ulcers and cause GERD,  gastroesophageal reflux disorder, which can be triggered by acidic foods. If you decide to take the lemon route, it is important to be aware of these potential side-effects.

Is it convenient?

If you go the route of attacking the problem instead of preventing it, you need to consume at least four ounces of lemon juice per day at a minimum, which is about four lemons.  Are you going to buy 120 lemons a month, cut them, and juice them?  The answer is most likely not. Getting your citrate from potassium and magnesium citrate is the easiest route.  People will argue they can’t take those because it makes their heart race. However, you don’t need that much, and most pills are overkill.  

We have a simple solution

KSPtabs are dissolvable effervescent tablets that provide the needed minerals to optimize urine pH balance and support your kidneys. They are packed with natural stone inhibitors Potassium, Citrate, Magnesium, and B6 and are gluten-free, all-natural, and vegan-friendly. The recommended dosage is 2-3 tablets daily. Since these key elements are not stored well in the body, it is recommended to split the doses to morning and afternoon. They come in two delicious flavors, Key Lime and Very Berry. KSPtabs was developed by Dr. Michael Trotter, a board-certified urologist in Austin, TX. He was determined to find a simple solution to a painful problem and wanted to end the suffering of his patients. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at info@ksptabs.com.

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