Hydration & Your Health


During this time of stress and uncertainty, your health is more important than ever. It’s easy to throw all of your good habits out of the window and cling to our old habits. If you are working from home, retired and staying home, or still having to go to work, hydration is essential and something we can control. 75% of the population is chronically dehydrated. The truth is every organ in your body relies on water, so when you are dehydrated, it’s like your body is running on fumes. That’s when you begin to see the signs of dehydration. The most common signs are concentrated urine, fatigue, headaches, dry skin, and muscle cramps. Many people don’t make hydration a priority, but we’re going to tell you why hydration is so essential for your health.

Hydration and Sleep

Many of us know that a lack of sleep can affect your immune system. Did you know that proper hydration affects your sleep? If you become dehydrated, your mouth and nasal passages become dry, causing you to snore and wake up with a dry throat.  Water also increases blood flow to the brain, which increases oxygenation and keeps the brain calm. We suggest drinking a glass of water before bed to ensure that the effects of dehydration do not disrupt your sleep. Did you know KSPtabs contain magnesium? Magnesium is a natural anxiety suppressant and promotes better sleep. A glass of water with a KSPtab is the perfect nightcap.

Hydration and Exercise

Although we may not be able to attend our favorite workout classes or gyms, it’s essential to stay active during this time. Doing at-home workouts or going for a walk in your neighborhood is a great way to keep your body moving. Hydration plays a huge role in our exercise routine. Replacing the water we lose when we sweat is essential and will prevent muscle fatigue. Proper hydration will also keep your joints lubricated and remove waste to ensure better performance. Hydration also affects how well your heart functions. Dehydration lowers your blood volume making your heart work harder to pump the smaller amount of blood and get enough oxygen to your cells, which makes exercise more challenging. KSPtabs are full of electrolytes, which are crucial before and after your workouts. Electrolytes make your water work for you and keep you efficiently hydrated!

Kidney Health

Think of water as your kidneys’ best friend! Your kidneys need water to filter waste from the blood and then eliminate it through the urine. The more you hydrate, the less time your body maintains these toxins. As you likely know, some of these toxins can cause kidney stones. Kidney stones affect 1 in 10 people, and it’s our mission to lower that statistic. KSPtabs are full of kidney stone inhibitors such as potassium citrate, magnesium, and B6. Adding 2-3 tabs to your water daily will reduce your risk of kidney stones and keep your body healthy and hydrated.

Just a reminder that all of our tablets are manufactured here in the United States in an FDA-inspected manufacturing facility that is NSF and GMP certified. Our current inventory was manufactured last spring, well before any cases of the COVID-19 were discovered. The tablets are then sealed in an air-tight water-proof tube with a tamper-proof cap.

We hope all of you are staying healthy and hydrated!