How To Make Hydration A Priority

Perhaps you’ve just had your first kidney stone, you’re a chronic stoner, or kidney stones run in your family, and you’re trying to stay ahead of the game. Your doctor probably told you, “You need to drink more water.” However, chances are, he or she didn’t give you any advice on how to do so.

Hopefully, your doctor at least told you how much water you should drink. There is no one size fits all when it comes to your hydration plan. So, if you are a “stoner”, you need to have a chat with your doctor about your daily water consumption. If you are new to staying hydrated, you have to be more strategic. Just telling yourself, “I’m going to drink more water.” is much easier said than done. We want to give you objective advice on how to hydrate to reduce your risk of kidney stones.  

Build on a Routine

Start and end your day with a glass of water.  Our days get hectic, and drinking water tends to get put on the backburner. So, pouring a glass of water at the beginning and end of your day may be easier than waiting until your day has already started. Eventually, you will form a habit and want to drink more throughout the day.  Baby steps, right?

Make it Fun

Invest in a fun water bottle that makes you excited to stay hydrated. It may seem silly, but for many people, it works! Getting a large Hydro Flask or Yeti Rambler and adding some stickers to it or maybe try a bottle with a fun pattern that will motivate you to take a sip. Relive your childhood and add a cool straw. It not only adds fun, but it tends to make the water go down a bit faster. 


Your water bottle should never be empty.  Once you finish your glass or bottle of water, train yourself to refill it immediately.  This strategy may take some time, but once you get in the habit, it will be like muscle memory.

Be “Techy” 

Get an app or set an alarm. Set the alarm to go off every hour to remind you to drink a glass of water.  We have also seen several apps, such as Gulps or Plant Nanny.  Don’t rely on waiting until you’re thirsty to drink water.  At this point, you are already dehydrated!

Make it a competition

Get your friends and coworkers on board and make it a goal to drink a specific amount of water per day.  However, remember, everyone is different; therefore, everyone needs a different hydration plan.  The rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces.  Increase that amount if you are active or spend a lot of time in the heat.

Optimize your hydration 

Add KSPtabs to your water. KSPtabs are effervescent tablets that provide your body with natural stone inhibitors. We all know that drinking plain water can get boring and nobody wants to take huge pills or continually add lemons to their water. That’s why we created a healthy, convenient way to stay hydrated while combating kidney stones at the same time. KSPtabs come in a water-proof tube that can be stored anywhere. We recommend buying a box and keeping tubes in your kitchen, bathroom, office, and vehicle. They come in two delicious flavors, Key Lime and Very Berry. To try them both; order a trial pack today.  

We know that incorporating something new to your everyday routine can be difficult. Take it slow and don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall behind. KSPtabs promote regular hydration while keeping your kidneys replenished with natural kidney stone inhibitors. They are refreshing effervescent tablets that self-dissolve in water to make every sip count toward better health. Not only will you be increasing your water intake, but you will be improving the health of your kidneys! Click here to try us out! 

Do KSPtabs work?

This testimonial is directly from a customer! “This product has been a lifesaver for me! I suffered from chronic kidney stones which was just debilitating. My doctor recommended I try the KSPtabs. The tablets make it so much easier to drink water and I have found that not only do I drink a lot more water, I actually crave it. Most importantly, I have been kidney stone free for over a year now. I highly recommend this product to anyone with kidney stone issues!” – Michelle