Misty Brooks Success Story

Dr. Trotter has been able to finally make a breakthrough in my care with the KSP tablets. We have been trying for years to work with diet modifications and conventional prescriptions to no avail.  Surgery after surgery has been our only option while watching my citrate numbers continue to decline. Needless to say, this was disheartening.

I started using the tablets in May 2017. Not only do the tablets taste great, I found myself craving the taste after a week or so of continuous use. The containers that hold the tablets also slip into my purse easily, so that there are no constraints with portability.

Yet, I had no idea if there was an improvement in my citrate levels until we repeated the tests in August. I was so elated when the results came back that I burst into tears. My numbers were the best they have ever been! Imagine, all it takes to maintain my kidney’s well-being is to drink a tasty carbonated beverage (that can be mixed with a variety of liquids). My hope is that other people with my condition are able to hear about this option.

An optimal way to test your urine

If you suffer from kidney stones, ask your urologist to conduct a 24-hour urine collection. It will help shed some light on underlying issues by taking a holistic look at the elements in your urine as well as typical output in a day.

During the test period, you’ll be given a container to collect your urine over a 24-hour period. Try to consume your normal amount of liquids, but don’t drink any extra water or cut out any normal daily beverages from your diet. This will give your doctor a baseline to compare future collections once a plan has been put in place. Also, be sure to do the 24-hour collection during a normal day. Stay away from testing during the weekends, the day of a party, or even around the holidays. You could skew the results.

The test will measure a number of substances in your urine including sodium, calcium, potassium, citrate and uric acid. However, one of the key indicators they’ll want to know is the acidity, or pH, of your urine. The higher the number, the more basic or alkaline it is. Optimally, you want a more neutral urine pH number of 7. The lower the number, the more acidic your urine is. Most stone patients have acidic urine, which will register a lower number. KSPtabs contain the essential elements of Citrate, Magnesium, and B6, which help maintain healthy urine parameters.

Once your collection is complete, you’ll register the total output and record it on a form. Then you’ll take a small sample, which will be sent into the lab for testing.

An easy and affordable testing alternative

At-home urine tests are extremely affordable and give very accurate results. We recommend the Healthy Wiser strips because they give you several parameters to test besides pH.

If you’re thinking about a change in diet, it’s important to test your urine over several days. Also, be sure to test during the same time each day because your urine will be different when you first wake up compared to later in the day after you have been hydrating.

It’s easy to use Healthy Wiser strips:

  1. Remove one strip from the container, which should be kept closed at all times to avoid moisture and contamination.
  2. Fill a small container with enough urine to immerse the strip.
  3. Place the strip into the container. After a few seconds, tap the strip against the side of the container to remove any excess urine. Changes in pad color will begin immediately.
  4. In the first 60 seconds after it changes color, compare the strip colors against those on the bottle.
  5. If you’re testing over multiple days, write down your results and take a photograph for records.

Try KSPtabs with the Trial Combo that includes 1 tube of each flavor and see if it improves your urine pH. Buy Now