KSPtabs at the AUA

The KSPtabs team headed to Chicago to attend the American Urological Association (AUA) Annual Meeting from May3-6, 2019. The AUA has over 18,000 international members comprised of M.D.’s, mid-level providers (physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses), medical staff, medical management and training physicians. These members specialize in the care of the kidneys, bladder and the urinary system.

Sharing KSPtabs with Urology Community

Hydration, especially proper hydration, is a vital component to complete urological health. KSPtabs was developed to provide consumers and patients with a healthy hydration tool that optimizes urinary and kidney health. “The KSPtabs team shared our message and products with the attendees during the AUA Expo,” said Brian Mazzarella, M.D.  “We distributed over 1,000 tubes of KSPtabs to attendees, and we were overwhelmed by the positive response we received from the urological community.”

The Idea Behind KSPtabs

KSPtabs was developed by board-certified urologist, Michael Trotter, MD. The idea came to Dr. Trotter while visiting with a friend, who was also a patient. His friend asked, “Why don’t you invent something I can easily take every day to reduce my risk of forming kidney stones?”  That was all it took. After that day, Dr. Trotter knew he had to find a solution, and he did! He worked diligently to form the perfect effervescent tablet that would not only provide consumers with the needed minerals to reduce the risk of stones but also encourage much needed regular hydration with a refreshing taste.

While KSPtabs was developed to give patients a tool in the fight to prevent kidney stones, they are equally as effective for those with an active lifestyle. The electrolytes in each effervescent tablet are essential to muscle recovery, managing lactic acid, and staying hydrated.

KSPtabs promote regular hydration while keeping your kidneys replenished with natural stone inhibitors. Each tablet contains a total of 15 mEq of alkalinizing agents. These agents help balance your urinary chemistry and reduce calcium crystal saturation (the building blocks of kidney stones). Because your body does not store these minerals, daily consumption of KSPtabs is needed for ongoing kidney health and protection.

What is in KSPtabs?

  • Potassium Citrate: Citrate is a potent inhibitor of urinary crystal formation. Adding additional citrate to the diet has been shown to support a normal urinary pH and reduce calcium crystal saturation or in real-world terms, kidney stones.
  • Magnesium Citrate: Magnesium has also demonstrated benefits in maintaining normal urine parameters by binding to oxalate in the urine.
  • B6: The B6 used in our product is Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate Monohydrate; which is a well-absorbed form of B6. The body absorbs P5PM more efficiently. Having a dietary intake of B6 is very important to overall wellness. Vitamin B6 has demonstrated benefits in maintaining normal urine parameters. B6 may help lower oxalate levels in the urine.
  • Bicarbonate: Known potent alkalizing agent like citrate which has been shown to reduce calcium crystal formation.
  • Avocado Oil: Binds the tablets.
  • Stevia: All-natural sweetener with minimal calories.
  • Coloring Agent: Our colorings are all natural – riboflavin for our Key Lime flavor and beet juice for our Very Berry flavor.

They also promote hydration which is the key component to combating kidney stones. It is encouraged to consume water throughout the day, but we all know water can get boring. KSPtabs come in two delicious flavors that are all natural and easily dissolve in water or your favorite beverage.

To order a trial pack of 20 tablets, please head over to our online store today!

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