Your kidneys will LOVE you!- With this great-tasting recipe using KSPtabs

Tis the season of love, and everywhere you go you see; red, pink, hearts and roses!   It is also a great time to show your body and your kidneys that you love them, BERRY much.   It is easy, just add KSPtabs Very Berry into your daily hydration routine!

KSPtabs were developed to give your water a flavorful kick while supporting and protecting your kidneys throughout the day and infusing your body with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals such as:

  • Potassium: Both an electrolyte and a mineral, regulates blood pressure, heart rate, and bodily fluids. It also prevents bloating.
  • Citrate: Helps support a normal urinary pH and reduce calcium crystal saturation—the basic building blocks of kidney stones.
  • Magnesium: Supports digestion and relieves cramps, aches, & spasms. Improves blood circulation, which keeps uric acid flowing until it can be expelled.  It also binds to oxalates in urine, which can cause kidney stones. 

KSPtabs were created by a board-certified urologist to help give patients a hydration option that enhances water and helps the body prevent kidney stone formation.   

We made the best discovery this week, STRAWBERRY WATERLOO!  It is a new flavor and it is BERRY delicious, especially when you enhance it with a VERY BERRY KSPtabs!  This “potion” will definitely show your body how much you LOVE it! 

KSPtabs Berry Love Potion


  • Add Very Berry KSPtab to glass
  • Pour in Strawberry Waterloo Sparkling Water
  • Add ice (after KSPtab dissolves super cold water will slow the process)
  • ENJOY!

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