Wintertime Hydration

It is easy to forget about staying hydrated in the winter!   The heat and humidity of summer usually give a “sweaty” reminder and helps keep us on top of our hydration routine.   But winter hydration is just as crucial as it is in the heat of summertime! It is important to remember that; Hydration = Good Health!

Most of us are DEHYDRATED!

75% of the population is chronically dehydrated. Yes, you read that number correctly; hopefully, you aren’t one of them! Let’s get to the bottom of why hydration is so crucial to your daily health and wellness. The truth is every organ in your body relies on water, so when you are dehydrated, it’s like your body is running on fumes. That’s when you begin to see the signs of dehydration. The most common signs are concentrated urine, fatigue, headaches, dry skin, and muscle cramps. Dehydration is also one of the leading causes of kidney stone development! Many people don’t make hydration a priority, but it is actually and easy to do so!

Tips on Staying Hydrated In the Winter

  • Drink Water First Thing in the Morning  Usually, the first thing people reach for when they wake up in the morning is that hot cup of coffee. But, in reality, you should be reaching for a big glass of water. Have you ever noticed the color of your urine first thing in the morning? It’s more concentrated and normally darker in color, which is a sure sign of dehydration. When you go to sleep you slowly become dehydrated over the next eight hours. Unfortunately, there’s really nothing you can do to help your hydration status while you’re asleep (since you are sleeping!). That’s why it’s always essential to give your body that much needed fluid as soon as you wake up!
  • Keep Water Around You  Your water bottle should never be empty. Once you finish your glass or bottle of water, train yourself to refill it immediately. This strategy may take some time, but once you get in the habit, it will be like muscle memory.  Also try, investing in a fun water bottle that makes you excited to stay hydrated. It may seem silly, but for many people, it works! Getting a large Hydro Flask or Yeti Rambler with a fun pattern that will motivate you to take a sip. Relive your childhood and add a cool straw. It not only adds fun but staws tend to make the water go down a bit faster.
  • Add Electrolytes to Enhance your H2O Add KSPtabs to your water. KSPtabs are effervescent tablets that provide your body with electrolytes and natural stone inhibitors. We all know that drinking plain water can get boring and nobody wants to take huge pills or continually add lemons to their water. That’s why we created a healthy, convenient way to stay hydrated while combating kidney stones at the same time. KSPtabs come in a water-proof tube that can be stored anywhere. We recommend buying a box and keeping tubes in your kitchen, bathroom, office, and vehicle. They come in two delicious flavors, Key Lime and Very Berry. To try them both; order a trial pack today.  Adding two to three KSPtabs to your daily hydration routine optimizes your water and provides your body with much-needed minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes. KSPtabs taste great and make your water intake something you’ll crave even more throughout the day.
  • Drink Your H20 Hot In the winter we crave something warm and soothing to drink.  Most of the “go-to” warm drinks contain caffeine, which contributes to dehydration.  Try adding caffeine-free tea or decaffeinated coffee to your day.  Another idea is to try KSPtabs hot, it is the perfect way to get the warmth you are craving while replenishing your body with key electrolytes and minerals! Need some inspiration, try one of these great KSPtabs recipes Ginger Lime Tea or KSPtabs Holiday Cider.
  • Be “Techy”  Get an app or set an alarm. Set the alarm to go off every hour to remind you to drink a glass of water. We have also seen several apps, such as Gulps or Plant Nanny. Don’t rely on waiting until you’re thirsty to drink water. At this point, you are already dehydrated!

Just remember hydration is important every day of the year and lays the groundwork to keep you healthy and hydrated!  KSPtabs were physician-developed to help keep people hydrated and lower the risk of the development of kidney stones.  They are refreshing effervescent tablets that self-dissolve in water to make every sip count toward better health. Not only will you be increasing your water intake, but you will be improving the health of your kidneys! Click here to try us out!